These are the books I have either created or am featured in which are still in print - they're all in my Etsy shop. Want something rare, or a commission? Have a question? Please email me directly.
The Cranklet's Chronicle - A Comix Zine About Women and Baseball

I love baseball, but have felt invisible in the fandom of the sport I love. I've created a new zine to both tell stories of women and gender non-conforming people who have been huge in baseball history, but also to look into what's being done now to make the sport truly inclusive.
Each issue has a comix story about baseball, with issue 1 covering Joan Whitney Payson, the New York City hero who financed the New York Mets upon their founding in 1962. Issue 2 is about Effa Manley and the Newark Eagles.
Grab a copy from my Etsy.

The Black Feather Falls - The Ignatz-nominated Series, Now Collected as a Graphic Novel

A brand-new mystery! Tina Swift has just arrived in London from the hinterlands of the United States, expecting to lead a quiet life. But when the street where she works turns into a crime scene, Tina discovers a crucial clue - and her connection to the case keeps growing stronger. Disgusted by a murder the police seem keen to sweep under the carpet, Tina picks up a thread of intrigue that leads all the way back to the the trenches of World War I.

Travel back to Twenties London in this new four-part mystery from Ellen Lindner and London's Soaring Penguin Press, now collected as a stylishly packaged graphic novel.

In the UK, please order from Soaring the US, grab a copy from my Etsy.

Undertow - My Self-published Graphic Novel, Now in a New Edition

My story of love and loss on the shores of early 1960's Coney Island. I can't say enough about the loveliness of the new edition from Soaring Penguin Press - it's got a hardcover, high-quality paper stock, a sketchbook section, and new Coney Island-themed endpapers. Plus it's printed in the UK!

For those of you who like dedications, I should note that it's also got a plain sheet bound in for sketching - if you order your copy from me I will do you a full-page sketch. To place your order email me directly, specifying that you'd like a sketch. $20 including shipping within the USA/$25 for the UK or elsewhere in the world.


An epic collaboration by over fifty UK cartoonists, this anthology (edited by the fantastic Rob Davis and Woodrow Phoenix) tells the story of an entire life, with each year's tale told by a different UK cartoonist. I'm up third in the lineup, which was a big challenge - but also a great privilege! Read the Observer Graphic Novel of the Month citation for Nelson - and then grab this fine book from its publishers, Blank Slate Books. The hardback edition with signatures by every artist is particularly fine.

Art History Dropouts

This mini collects the first forty drawings from the Art History Dropouts blog I maintain with Barnaby Richards. This comics jam aims to answer a simple question - what if Barnaby and I had met as college students, instead of crossing paths as grizzled old adults? It involves Coca-Cola, monsters, Art Brut (the movement, not the band) and a whole lot more - plus this petite volume is in full color. Check out the blog here - buy it here.

The Strumpet

The Strumpet is an annual comic from the creators of Whores of Mensa, uniting small press stars from the UK and the US in one glamorous package of comics goodness. I did the cover for this inaugural issue, but the real goodies are inside - brand new work by Mardou, Jeremy Day, Kripa Joshi, Tanya Meditzky, and many more. Also included are reviews of new comics by Badaude and J. Homersham, among others, and a short story by Philadelphia-based writer Katie Haegele.

FIVE issues are currently available - grab them here! And visit our blog for more information on the artists.

Whores of Mensa

Whores of Mensa, the sexy-but-smart anthology of myself, Mardou, and Jeremy Day (nee Dennis) (plus Lucy Sweet for one amazing issue) ran from 2003-2010. This fifth issue features work by myself and Jeremy, plus newly minted Whores like Cliodhna Lyons, Richard Cowdry, and many more - and don't miss the Sachet of Salaciousness!

Order here.


Edited by a good pal, David O'Connell, this full-color anthology of up-and-coming cartoonists from around the UK also includes brilliant articles on artists like Deadly Knitshade and Will Morris.

I did a five page story on bubble tea for this bumper 96 page first issue, part of a year-long romance with this Taiwanese delicacy. Buy this limited edition comic here in Dave's UK-based shop - to get a copy shipped from the US please visit my Etsy - it's on sale for $12.00 plus shipping and handling.

Comix Reader 1

The Comix Reader is a London based newsprint anthology edited by the estimable Richard Cowdry. In a stroke of cartooning genius, Richard decided to round us all up into a collective, meaning that each cartoonist buys a page, and gets to put whatever madness they like on it. The result is a fantastic, kaleidoscopic view of the UK comics scene. Contributors to issue one includes - among many others- Jimi Gherkin, Steve Tillotson, J. Homersham, Tobias Tak and Kat Kon. Richard did the cover.

As far as I know I'm the only US source for this - order now, and catch up before Issue 3!

Comix Reader 2

Issue Two has Tanya Meditzky, Barnaby Richards, Kevin Ward, and more - plus a cover by Lord Hurk. Excellent, anarchic stuff from some of the best underground cartoonists working in the UK today! Order here.